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I met Kathleen at a caregiver legal workshop for Alzheimer’s patients. I was immediately impressed with her depth of knowledge and asked her to represent me in getting our estate plans in order. She worked with me so that I could consider all the options, which helped to make informed decisions. Once the decisions were made, she was efficient in preparing the paperwork. I could not have asked for a more compassionate, knowledgeable attorney to work with during this difficult time.


In all aspects of my law practice and all phases of your life, I strive to provide you with superior customer service and specialized legal knowledge to solve your planning issues and give you peace of mind.


  • Everyone needs an estate plan, to include a last will or trust, and powers of attorney for financial and medical decision making. With these documents in hand, you and your loved ones will be better able to navigate the terrain of aging, disability and death.
  • Being the best caregiver you can be is often the main concern of family members caring for loved ones. With the appropriate legal and financial plan in place, your job as a caregiver becomes easier and the person you are caring for remains active in his life and care plan.
  • Paying for long term care can bankrupt you and your loved ones. Planning ahead for the cost and quality of care will give you a road map of knowledge and the opportunity to develop strategies to meet this challenge.
  • Sometimes, families need to consider guardianship or conservatorship to take care of a loved one. These are legal proceedings to appoint a care or financial manager for the person in need of protection and are often the last and most difficult resort.
  • When a loved one dies, it is important to probate the estate or administer the trust quickly and efficiently, to deal with creditors, and to distribute the property with the least amount of hardship on surviving loved ones.